Plant Based Meet-Up

November 10, 2018 
10 AM
Cost: FREE
Must register to attend. See below.   
November Meet-Up:
Discussion topic:  The challenge of eating healthy through the holidays.
Everyone is welcome. 

Just come to connect or feel free to share recipes, tips or even samples to taste.

This will be our last meet-up until January when we will be looking forward to an exciting year of connecting with events, speakers, cooking classes and more.

This is a grass roots Plant Based Meet-Up group for those in Sarasota/Bradenton who embrace a plant-based life style.  

If your new to plant-based eating, this is a fantastic opportunity to connect and learn more about this healthy lifestyle. 

Meet-up group host is Jan Jones a certified Plant Based educator and a horticulturist.  Find her at

Register today by calling: 941-753-6611

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