Health Advantages of
Plant Based Eating

September 22, 2018 
Cost: FREE
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This discussion is for people who  are interested in learning about the basics of a Plant Based diet.  Why would you want a plant based diet, what are the health benefits, what do you eat, the possibilities of living prescription-free and more. 

We are in-control of our own health, but most of us don't realize how much control we really have. Knowledge empowers us to make better decisions. 

Jan Jones, certified Plant Based educator and a horticulturist, is excited to be sharing what it truly takes to achieve optimal health naturally and sharing her findings with others who are also seeking the same. 

Whether you are interested in plant-based eating or just curious, we urge you to attend this free information session.

You will receive a handout with a lot of places to further research the things we will talk about.

We invite anyone to share their own success stories. We’re getting healthy together.

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