October 2019

Class Information & Registration

About the Classes:
The Plant Place is excited to be offering this year a diverse line-up of educational classes geared toward healthy living.  These session can cover bringing minerials and nutrition to the soil, education about the 2018 Superfood Moringa, healthy cooking and living, as well as keeping your family safe. 
How to Register
We have brought in some amazing Instructors who have great knowledge in their topics.  At each session you will recieve validated information, classnote hand-outs, and samples depending on the session topic.

Space is limited for each session.  You MUST register for the class even it is free, to ensure your seat and materials. 

Some classes do have a ticket prices based on the nature of the class and resources needed to give you a full informative expereince.  It is VERY imporant that you register for the sessions and pay for the class in advance.  We work hard to make our classes are cost effective and economical for our participants.  

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What is Moringa?  Why do I see it everywhere?  Come explore Moringa at our FREE educational and interactive workshop.  Participants will do more than just learn about Moringa, they will also be able to see, touch, and taste the Moringa in tree form and products.

Did you know....
The Moringa tree is called the Miracle Tree because it is nutritionally one of the richest plant for your body. The leaves of this miracle tree are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and many essential nutrients. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory.

Moringa oil, is the most highly prized skin oil in the world for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and full body healing.

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October is time to fertilizer your yard and landscaping.  This year consider using a non-chemical organic fertilizing option.  This educational workshop will explore the different non-chemical options, explain how to get the best results, and answer any of your fertilizing questions.
Did you know....
 With annual summer chemical fertilizing bans in Sarasota and Manatee County, organic natural fertilizing methods are the alternative and can be applied year round.
Totally non-chemical organic fertilizers, such as Green Chick and worm casting, are approved products to nourish your yard and plants through the fertilizer bans.

We know you will enjoy the results of our totally organic year round since they work great to grow plants, are non-chemical and safe for all the edible plants too.

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We are transforming a kaleidoscope of succulents into a stunning Fall pumpkin arrangement or create a fantastic Dish Garden.

This fun hands-on workshop will begins with informative basic succulent information - including how to plant, propagate, and care instructions.

Attendees explore their creativity by choosing from a succulent centerpiece using a REAL heirloom pumpkin or designing an incredible dish garden, using an array of succulents.

Sorry no walk-up - due to the materials needed for this project, we purchase items in advance and can not guarantee there will be extra available.

Instructor:  Tracy Post - Petals and Stems Market.